After a 7 hour flight we finally arrived at the Shannon Airport at 7:50 am! We immediately went to the Cliffs of Moher. I don’t want to waste a minute. This is my most favorite part of the trip so far. Even though I had jet lag I was so excited to see all the sites. We spent an hour at the Cliffs and I could have stayed all day. The air was so clean and the breeze felt amazing. We went to McDermott’s Pub in Doolin for lunch. My first meal in Ireland was a cheese toastie. Yum!

We went to the ferry dock in Doolin and there was a dolphin swimming around in the bay. She swam over to the docks when a man named Deco Murphy jumped in the water. I tried to pet her but she swam away from me. She was beautiful. Her name was Dusty.

After we left Doolin, we drove through the Burren region. We went to a portal tomb covered in Limestone. It was beautiful to see. It had an altar in the center. Everything is here is breathtaking!

After a 2 hour bus ride, we arrived in Sligo! We moved in to our rooms and still were not done sightseeing. We then went on a walking tour of downtown Sligo. I don’t ever want to leave!!


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